Farewell to Turks and Caicos

It has honestly been a hard past couple of days. On Monday we presented our research. It felt amazing to be able to present them and be finished with the semester, but at the same time that meant the semester was coming to end. After the presentations, we had the rest of the day to […]

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10 Days Left

Well, there is 10 days left of my study abroad experience. That is crazy to think about, it feels like I just got here. In the past couple of weeks since I’ve posted, I went lobstering, did a sunrise snorkel, completed our finals, had a full week of directed research, and are now winding down […]

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Mid-Semester Break

I know I said I was going to write a blog post about mid-semester break, but I lied. Things got too busy for me to write a whole blog post on it so I will give you a brief summary of mid-semester break. My Mom and Dad came to visit me in Provo which was […]

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Field Trip

DAY 1 We woke up at 6 am, gathered our stuff, ate breakfast, and then headed to the ferry dock. When we arrived at the ferry dock we loaded all of our belongings, got on board, and head to North Caicos. The ferry ride took about an hour. Once we arrived, we got on a […]

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Pre Field Trip

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but as my blog title says, I’m livin on island time (in reality I just got really caught up with school work). These next couple of blog post will be a 3 piece installment of what I have been up to abroad so please bare with me. […]

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Week 3 and 4

I know that have not posted in almost 2 weeks, but we have been super busy here. We have learned about mangrove, seagrass, reef organisms and have been tested on all of them. This entails a lot of memorization. On top of this, I have done several dives and have seen some pretty cool stuff. […]

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Week 2 on South…

So week 2 of study abroad has gone by and classes are officially in full swing. Our schedule usually starts at 7 AM with breakfast. At 7:40 we have our morning meeting and then class starts at 8:00. Between 8:00 and 10:00 we will have 2 classes and then morning snack. After that, we will have […]

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