Mid-Semester Break

I know I said I was going to write a blog post about mid-semester break, but I lied. Things got too busy for me to write a whole blog post on it so I will give you a brief summary of mid-semester break.

My Mom and Dad came to visit me in Provo which was great! We stayed in a condo and had a car so we got to explore a lot of the island. On my first half day on break, we just drove around a bit because it was raining, which was odd because it literally never rains on South, and got dinner at some point and then hung out at the condo. On my first full day of break, we just hung out at the beach and pool most of the day. For dinner, we went to the Fish Fry, which you should do a least once to say you’ve done it. Here they have vendors that are selling local food, souvenirs, and lots of music. It was really cool and a lot of us got to meet each other’s parents, which was nice. I also happen to see Taraji P. Henson here but said nothing to anyone so I was the only one that saw her. On the third day of break, it was raining again. We tried to go to Potcake Place to walk the puppies, but they were all taken out. We ended up snorkeling Coral Gardens and saw some hawksbill sea turtles, an eagle ray, a southern stingray, and lots of fish. After, we went back to Potcake Place to play with the puppies. Potcake is the recognized breed of TCI dogs. They are a mix of Shepard, Labrador, and Terrier. They were all super cute and my parents and I really wanted to get Jack, but he was unfortunately in the process of being adopted already. That night at dinner we also happen to be eating next to a JETS TE, Braedon Bowman.

Our dive, unfortunately, got canceled on this trip due to poor weather, so instead, we hung out by the pool, chilled on the beach, snorkeled, and explored more of the island for the rest of the trip. It was sad saying good-bye to my parents again, but I knew that in a short 6 weeks I would be seeing them again. I headed back to South with a group of students and our case study II and Directed Research began like we never left.












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