10 Days Left

Well, there is 10 days left of my study abroad experience. That is crazy to think about, it feels like I just got here. In the past couple of weeks since I’ve posted, I went lobstering, did a sunrise snorkel, completed our finals, had a full week of directed research, and are now winding down the semester with our research write-ups and presentations.

There is ongoing research here on the Spiny Lobster. My Professor Kathy looks at juvenile lobsters and measures them. She has lobster condos (cinderblocks) set up off the shore of the airport. We went here to see if there were any lobsters and we got one. It was a female lobster. We took her back to the boat, measured her, and released her.


The sunrise snorkel was amazing. Now if you know me, I am not a morning person and for this snorkel and we had to get up at and be ready to leave by 6 am, but I did it for the experience and I am glad I did. The sunrise was amazing and the location was even better. We went to the northern part of the island called Coast Guard (an old US coast guard station is here). From here you can actually see East Caicos. It was so quiet and peaceful and made me reminiscent of the semester. It made me appreciate this experience even more so and I realized that I am 150% going to miss it here and the friends that I’ve made when it is time to leave.

Finals were hard and a lot of studying led up to them. That week we were all basically just walking zombies. After we finished finals, a group of us went to Regatta and jumped off. It was scary, but a lot of fun. That weekend (which also happened to be Earth Day) we did a deep water dive at the Grotto, which had some amazing coral heads, eagle rays, southern rays, and massive horse-eye jacks.

DR week was SO much fun. I got to dive and snorkel pretty much every day. My DR is the finfish DR, so we do fish counts under water and measure fish at the docks. We did 6 dives/snorks in the marine protected area and 6 out. It was a great bonding experience with my group, my professor Kathy, and we got to go to sites that no one else gets to go to. I was also able to help with the Turtle DR and went turtling. Both times that I went, our intern Noelle caught a giant Hawksbill turtle, which I am convinced that I saw on one of my dives. After the turtle was caught, I was measured, tagged, acoustic-tagged, and released. It was a really cool experience.

Now, I am doing my DR write-up, presentation, a video the rest of my time here. Hopefully, I’ll be able to dive this week even though I have swimmers ear. Other than that, everything is pretty relaxed and I am going to enjoy the rest of my time here. Until then, here are some photos to enjoy.





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